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fixed comments

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......@@ -2,18 +2,13 @@ pragma solidity ^0.4.13;
import "./Streem.sol";
// inspired by
// one instance represents one ERC20 token, the rest is very similar to the normal Streem contract.
// a model where a contract exists per user would offer more implicit security, but be less efficient (?)
contract StreemETH is Streem {
event Deposit(address sender, uint amount);
event Withdrawal(address sender, uint amount);
// constructor: just call the base constructor with the right args
function StreemETH() Streem(0, "Streaming Ether", "SETH", 18) {}
// function charge is to be handled outside of this contract (direct call of token.transfer(trusteeAddr, amount))
// conversion from StreemETH to ETH
function withdraw(uint256 amount) {
// following the Checks-Effects-Interaction Pattern
......@@ -23,7 +18,7 @@ contract StreemETH is Streem {
Withdrawal(msg.sender, amount);
// converstion from ETH to StreemETH
// conversion from ETH to StreemETH
function() payable {
settledBalances[msg.sender] += int(msg.value);
totalSupply += msg.value;
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