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## About
The idea is described in more detail [here]().
## Status
PoC of the concept including an ERC-20 compatible token contract and a minimal web interface for opening, closing and observing streams.
## Next
Next steps would be:
* Make the contract multi-stream capable (accounts can have both multiple instreams and outstreams). This probably requires something like `mapping (address => (uint => Stream)) [in|out]streams`.
* How can existing streams be referenced from outside? Should it be possible to name them when opening?
* Decide on a set of possible semantics and design the interface accordingly. E.g.
* Streams which auto-close when running out of funds
* Streams which guarantee a specified per-warning time before running out of stream (blocking outgoing transfers if balance too low)
* Streams with close date already predetermined
* Advanced: Streams depending on oracle data (dependents: speed, open state)
* Streams which can be closed by the receiver (should probably always be allowed)
* Events
* Check interoperability with various ERC-20 wallets.
* Figure out the issuance and governance mechanics and implement them.
Further a lot of attention needs to go into robustness of the contracts (special cases, error handling, gas economics).
When enough is known, consider the overall contract architecture (e.g. a token contract and an issuance contract). Should anything be upgradable? Any kind of emergeny mechanism?
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